Sewerage chokes Sarakki lake

Sewerage chokes Sarakki lake

Sewerage chokes Sarakki lake

The 86-acre Sarakki lake in the outskirts of the City is dying a slow death. While the lake looks picturesque from a distance, only local residents know what lies beneath it.

Nrupathunga Nagara Welfare Association’s General Secretary Ananthapadmanabha   says the lake has become a big dump yard and even carcasses of animals can be found in the lake. “The road on the lake bund was too narrow for vehicular movement and was widened recently. But the lake is yet to see any development,” he said.

A few years ago, the Lake Development Authority spent nearly Rs four crore to rejuvenate the lake by de-silting it and erecting a fence around it. This prevented residents from using the lake for their morning ablution, but they now mess the place near the fence. “Moreover, meat shop owners dump wastes near the lake and the rotting carcasses leave an unbearable stench in the entire area,” laments Mahadeva, a resident welfare association member.

In addition, the sewerage line from Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) also finds its outlet right into Sarakki lake. “Sewerage line from Jaraganahalli, Saradnagar, Veeresh Layout, RBI Layout, Chunchanaghatta and Khodays factory open into Sarakki lake. How can the lake be developed when this is the case?” remarks Mohan Kumar, a social worker staying close to the lake.

However, Jaraganahalli Corporator Suguna Balakrishna expresses her helplessness saying since the lake is under LDA, BBMP cannot take any development work. “We have written a letter to the LDA to hand over the lake to the BBMP so that we can undertake rejuvenation work of the lake,” she said.

In LDA’s defense, Head, Dr U V Singh says the Authority cannot undertake any development work immediately since the BWSSB has taken up a new project at RBI Layout.

Since Sarakki lake was once under the old City Municipal Council, underground drainage system is yet to be constructed in a few surrounding areas.

Singh added that de-silting was carried out three years ago and LDA wanted to hand over the development work to a private company under the PPP model.

“We received a few inquiries, but later the private agencies surveyed the surrounding areas and did not to take up the project since deweeding the place will not have any long term benefits as long as sewerage water is let out into the lake,” he explained.As long as BWSSB does not complete the underground drainage project, Singh says the LDA cannot take up any development work.