No link between Hindus, terror: RSS chief

No link between Hindus, terror: RSS chief

“There is only one country left in the world on which you can’t put the blame of terrorism and that country is India. Terrorism and Hindus, terrorism and saffron, and terrorism and the Sangh are oxymoron and can never be related to each other.

“This (effort to connect the two) was an attempt to weaken the strength of Hindus in India and, at the same time, to appease Muslims,” he said. A handful of incidents involving Hindus were reported and for that to blame the entire Hindu community was improper and unjust, he said addressing the annual Dasara rally at Reshim Bagh ground here.

“Hindus are generally not involved in terrorism,” he said.

‘Sinister conspiracies’

Ridiculing the “inept” handling of terrorism in the country, Bhagwat said that has probably prompted the government to use the term “Hindu terror” in the country.

“These are sinister conspiracies to mislead the Hindus through a campaign of lies and defame Hindu saints and noble citizens,” Bhagwat said citing the example of “defaming” of Kanchi Shankarayacharya in a murder case.