Kingfisher plane escapes major disaster

The aircraft— an Airbus 320 carrying 178 passengers and 6 crew members— was taxing on the runway at 3 pm before  its take off when its right wing hit the wall, an airlines spokesman said in Mumbai.

Baghdogra Airport Director K K Bhowmik said the aircraft wing was badly damaged but there was no fuel leakage or any other untoward incident.

“While executing a 180-degree turn to line up for take off at Bagdogra Airport, the right wing tip of the aircraft (IT-3334) touched the wall of a grass-camouflaged bunker located in the proximity of the runway,”  the spokesperson said. The aircraft was at a very low speed when the incident occurred, he added.

The flight was cancelled and the passengers were pulled out of the plane, the Airlines authorities said adding a separate flight was being arranged for them.

The spokesperson said the airline’s flight safety department has started investigating the incident. This is the third incident involving Kingfisher Airlines aircraft in as many months.

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