Political violence kills 41 in Karachi violence

Last Updated 03 May 2018, 04:15 IST

Karachi residents elected Saifuddin Khalid from the MQM as provincial lawmaker to replace the party's Raza Haider, who was shot dead by gunmen in August.

MQM's candidate won the elections by a huge margin securing nearly 91,000 votes but in the run up to the elections and until today police and rescue officials said around 41 people had been killed in the violence with over 60 injured in firing incidents in different parts of the city.

Concerned by the volatile situation in Pakistan's biggest city, Interior Minister Rehman Malik rushed to Karachi for talks on how to bring an end to the violence and said more than 60 people had been arrested in connection with the killings.

"We want to end political killings in Karachi. After every two or three months a new wave of killings starts. The people of Karachi have to bear the unrest again and again and this has to end," Malik told reporters.

"We will bring to book and before the media those responsible for orchestrating target killings in the city and they will be punished, regardless of their party affiliation," Malik a close aide of President Asif Zardari said.

Malik has convinced the government's main coalition partner, the Mutthaida Qaumi Movement not too break its alliance with the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party.
A wave of violence that followed Haider's death claimed 85 lives in the city of 16 million. Police said the latest deaths on Saturday and Sunday were being treated as politically linked targeted killings.

The polls for the provincial assembly seat PS-94 (Orangi town) was seen as a direct contest between the Mutthaida-e-Qaumi Movement which represents the Urdu speaking population of the city and the ANP which represents the Pasthun speaking migrants from northwest.

The MQM is a partner in the ruling coalition led by the Pakistan People's Party in Sindh province.

Witnesses said that shops, markets and offices in the city were open today but the atmosphere was tense. A founding member of the MQM Imran Farooq, who was living in exile in UK, was brutally murdered outside his north London home in September.

(Published 18 October 2010, 15:58 IST)

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