Advocates go berserk again

Advocates go berserk again

A mob beat up a man on court premises in the City

Advocates go berserk again

In yet another instance of the black robed practitioners of law taking the law into their hands, a dozen more advocates beat up Yuvraj who was being produced in court on charge of having assaulted lawyer Rajendra  at Chandra Layout on Saturday morning.

Apparently, the advocate had parked his car in front of a doctor’s clinic to take his daughter for a visit to the doctor. Yuvraj and three others objected to Rajendra encroaching on ‘their’ space.

According to Rajendra’s colleagues, Yuvraj and his friends abused two of Rajendra’s family members, both women sitting in his car. Rajendra who had taken his daughter inside the clinic found the four strangers using foul language against the women in the car. When Rajendra remonstrated Yuvraj and his friends about their language, Yuvraj allegedly slapped him. The blow caused Rajendra to fall down and hit his head on the footpath leading to a serious injury. He was immediately admitted to the nearby BGS hospital.

A case was filed by Rajendra’s family against Yuvraj and his friends. According to the Chandra Layout police station, the case was registered on Saturday evening at 4.30 pm.
According to the police, Rajendra was recovering from his injury till late Monday evening.

When Yuvraj was produced in the court, over 200 lawyers entered the court and demanded that apart from the accused, his three friends who were also involved in the incident should be booked and brought to court. The advocates claimed that the police station had delayed registering the case. With an angry mob inside the court hall thrashing Yuvraj, the Magistrate finally managed to move Yuvraj into his chamber and locked him up inside, saving his skin for a brief period.

Through the day, no amount of coaxing and appeasement by the police and the Law Minister, Suresh Kumar apart from the ACMM Registrar and Special Court’s judge could pacify the angry mob leaving the police with little option to move the accused to safety.

Finally by 6.30 pm, a plan was put into action placing an ambulance as cover and whisking the accused to safety in a Hoysala from the back gate of the court complex.

Even while being evacuated, some lawyers managed to beat up Yuvraj again, causing him severe injuries. He was treated by paramedics on his was to judicial custody.