Prince William 'wants to modernise the British Monarchy'

Prince William 'wants to modernise the British Monarchy'

In a candid interview with his friend Ben Fogle for a documentary, to be aired on Sky network, the 28-year-old Prince has hinted he is fed up with always being told by the government or Buckingham Palace -- what he can and can't do.

"I like to disagree with them deliberately, because many of the things they come up with are very old-fashioned and don't work nowadays or are just wrong. People have wrong views on what it's like to be in this family, for instance.

"I want to correct them and I want to make people aware that there's new stuff and there're other ways and there is no reason why you can't be different. Sometimes I listen to people but I like to take in lots of opinions and then make my own judgement," the 'Daily Express' quoted William as saying.

Though Royal courtiers have suggested there can be no room for another Prince doing that while his father Charles is heir to the throne, Fogle said that William believes he can find his own voice. "I think there's room for both of them. Prince Charles is very focused on green issues but, personally, I find his green approach a little finger wagging. I think William might have a more relaxed approach that works with ordinary people.

"I think William perhaps has a better grasp of the current state of the nation. William is better grounded than his father. He says in the documentary that neither he nor Harry want the trappings of great wealth," Fogle said.

The documentary focuses on William's work with the Tusk Trust wildlife conservation charity in Africa.