From VJ to butcher 

HILARIOUS Cyrus Broacha VJ Cyrus Broacha shot for a new episode for his hit show MTV Bakra.

Apparently, the VJ was set to scare the latest victim of his prank as he donned a new avatar as a butcher on the show. The new episode, full of hilarity and splitting humour, was telecast recently.

The prank went like this — the victim visited the butcher’s shop to buy some meat and met Cyrus in the guise of a butcher, who scared him away with his antics.

Search for missing treasure 

HBO presents Rocknrolla on October 20 at 9 pm. The movie stars Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton,
Tom Wilkinson and Mark Strong.

A small-time con artist and his pals attempt a real-estate ruse that ensnares them in an ever-widening series of scams and situations.

One Two is the scammer with big dreams whose gang gets conned by loan-sharking gangsters Lenny Cole.

But what begins as a simple theft turns in to a madcap mix up involving a Russian mobster, a devious accountant, a priceless work of art and even million dollars that have gone missing. 

Back with a bang 

cute Jay BhanushaliAfter staying away from TV soaps for a long time, television actor Jay Bhanushali is back with Star One’s Geet...Hui Sabse Parayi.

He plays an NRI guy called Yash Malhotra in the show. Yash is in India to look after his business.
His young notorious niece and nephew are adding extra zing to his already troubled life.

However, Yash is not your regular cute boy-next-door; he is cool — a casanova, who knows how to make his way in smoothly. He will ask Geet to work as secretary at his factory and nanny to the kids.

“I play a very interesting character in the show. He is responsible, motivated yet extremely cool in his approach. I totally relate to this character. It will be fascinating to see how this new character will bring in another twist to Geet and Maan’s love story,” said Jay.


Validating facts

Buckle up and hang on as Jamie and Adam return with more mythbusting mayhem! Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are back to put what remains of their nine lives on the line
to bust more myths and dispel untruths in the name of science.

Get ready for more combustible action as Jamie and Adam combine science, special effects and technology to determine the validity of countless popular myths and legends through a series of
experiments. The results are often surprising and explosive. The quest of the Mythbusters is simple — to uncover the truth behind popular rumours, urban and Internet myths. Mythbusters airs on October 20 at 9.30 pm on Discovery Science.

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