Happy in their own habitat

Happy in their own habitat

The ten children were part of a community at Habitat for Humanity, an organisation that builds homes for displaced underprivileged urban families in different parts of the country. Along with Himmat Butalia, marketing head of Sony Pix, Bikram chatted and interacted with the kids in an easy and informaBikram Saluja interacting with the kids.l manner, talking to them about their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

The families of the children were also present and as a part of the Habitat community also shared and interacted with the guests. “We felt that it was appropriate to organise a day with Habitat as the movie itself is about kids from humble backgrounds, surmounting tough odds and achieving their dreams. Habitat is a noble endeavour that tackles India's
urban housing crisis head on by providing modest, well constructed homes, using
eco-friendly and energy efficient methods largely with the help of volunteers from around the world.

Many people who lived in slum dwellings that have been demolished or destroyed have been helped by the Habitat initiative,” said Himmat.

 The children shared their aspirations with Bikram which varied from becoming criminal lawyer to joining the civil services.

With large bags of goodies handed out to them and the promise of a special screening of the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the children had lots to look forward to.

“It was a wonderful experience for me to meet and interact with the kids on a very personal level, especially as they come from a world that we are not privy to on a regular basis. It was also heart-warming to hear how their lives have changed for the better after moving into a Habitat home,” added Bikram.

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