Indian men face higher risk of Osteoporosis

While doctors are unable to explain why this is so, genetics may play a factor. With World Osteoporosis Day falling on October 20, doctors claim that 83 per cent of all spine fractures are a result of Osteoporosis. More interesting is the fact that while 20 per cent of women above 50 years fall prey to the degenerative disease, the percentage of men in the same age group - 10-15 per cent - is not low either.

After 35 years of age, a person starts losing a per cent of bone every year. Hence, people tend to bend and have fragile bones, said Dr Mahesh Bijjawara, spine surgeon and member of Association of Spine Surgeons of India.

He also cautioned that people who took steroids for various diseases were more prone to Osteoporosis as their bones tended to become weak. Therefore, it was vital for them to take calcium supplements.

Dr Rajagopalan, a spine surgeon from St John's Hospital, believed that over 30 per cent of the population suffered from Osteoporosis. However, to pin point the disease burden in the country was difficult to get as the country lacked a national registry of the disease, said Dr Mahesh. Yet, it has been predicted that India would have highest number of Osteoporosis patients in another decade or less.

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