Indian men more prone to heart ailments than women

Indian men more prone to heart ailments than women

The 2010 Saffola Life study, released earlier this week, surveyed over 60,000 people from across the country and found the risk group in men is between 30-39 years, while in women it is between the age group of 50-59.

The study also found that four in every 10 Indians in urban India were at the risk of heart ailments.

Cardiologist S.K. Aggarwal said: "Lifestyle is one of the main reasons for this trend. Also, between the age of 30-39, men are more prone to stress because of more responsibilities. Lack of exercise also contributes to this trend."

According to Suman Bhandari, doctor of medicine at Escorts Hospital here: "One of the reasons for early heart ailments in men is that almost 80 percent of young men are smokers."

The study also examined lipid profiles of people and found 44 percent of Indians are at risk. People from Kolkata were found to have the healthiest lipid profiles.

Bhandari felt high intake of fish by the people of the region might be the reason for this. People of Bangalore were found to have the highest lipid profile floowed closely by Chennai.