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Last Updated 20 October 2010, 12:44 IST

Done with a great novel and not sure what to read next? No problem. Bookarmy at  www.bookarmy.com is your solution. Log on for recommendations from fellow readers, published authors and community members to help you pick the right read.

So, how do these recommendations get churned out?  

Bookarmy gathers together the vast community built around millions of book and author pages. The website lets you organise, plan and share your thoughts on the web. You can read and check out the following categories for inputs.

*Free e-books

*E-book texts

*Book extracts

*Book recommendations

*Recommended books

*Book reviews

You may also explore the more popular ones through:

*Most read books

*Most popular titles


Once you have decided on your next pick, search for the book through bookarmy’s vast library. Simply click on ‘Books’ and type in the title to get it out from Bookarmy’s enormous database. All books come with an ISBN tracking code. The search categories include:

*Highest rated

*Most recommended

*Most talked about

*Latest release

*This week, This month & All time.

You don’t have to be logged in to carry out the search. However, registering as a member can help readers get sharper feedback and be a part of the newsletter.

If you are a reader:

*Tell the community the names of books you love and let bookarmy connect you to people, authors and discussions that best match your interests.

*Create a virtual bookshelf of favourite reads – share and compare your own tastes with others.

*Connect with your favourite authors — join online reading groups and author-led web-chats.

* See what your friends are reading – swap reviews and recommendations with people you know.

If you are an author you can own a Bookarmy author page that will let you :

* Own a personal web page that you control at the heart of a community of book lovers.

*Upload a photo and bio, add links to other websites and upload audio and video clips.

*Use web tools to create forums, groups and message boards about your books; no technical skills required.

*Create a list of your favourite books, your influences, and top recommendations for your readers to browse.

Bookarmy is a social networking website for every kind of reader and author. Whether you’re an avid reader or a sporadic one,  the site offers the right advice.

The site allows you to make direct contact with authors and readers, browse their reading lists and ask them questions about their own reading and writing habits through webchats, online Q & A sessions and author-led reading groups.

Bookarmy is hosted by HarperCollins, UK and Fleming Media. The website has details of  every English language book with an ISBN code and features pages for close to six million books and authors.

(Published 20 October 2010, 12:44 IST)

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