Problems galore in JP Nagar

Residents are at contractors' mercy to get Cauvery water connection
Last Updated 20 October 2010, 19:13 IST

In addition to this, the areas are plagued by numerous problems such as improper garbage disposal, lack of sewerage, parking lot, dog menace, narrow roads and absence of a police station.

Surprisingly, water is not a major woe in the areas as ground water is abundant. However, reckless exploitation of ground water resources of late has proved to be a cause of worry for the residents.

Hence, most of the residents are willing to secure Cauvery water connection, but the hurdle seems to be the payment of ‘discreet fee’ that residents are expected to pay to secure water connection in addition to the fee charged by the government.

Corruption is rampant in areas situated in the south of the City. A resident has to shell out an extra Rs 2,000 in addition to the fee to get Cauvery water connection. A person residing in a single-storey house constructed on 30X40 ft site has to pay a fee of Rs 3,000, while those living in double-storey house have to pay Rs 3,600 for the water connection. However, fee for water connection is almost the half for houses built on 20X30 ft sites. According to residents, of the Rs 2,000 collected as discreet fee, Rs 800 goes to push residents files seeking water connections, while the remaining Rs 1,200 is pocketed by contractors.

The layouts in JP Nagar 7th, 8th and 9th phases consists of both revenue and government approved layouts. Despite that areas lack proper drainage system. As a result, septic tanks and open drains seem to be the only solution in many areas like Gourav Nagar, RBI Nagar and Nrupathunga Nagar.

“Open drains have proved to be a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have approached the local MLA M Krishnappa regarding the lack of underground drainage system in our locality,” said Vittal Rao, a resident and a member of the Senior Citizens' Welfare Association.

Also, the width of the roads in the areas lack uniformity. For example, the narrow Kothnur Dinne Main Road becomes wide at places where there are clusters of apartments or major shopping complex.

Many interior roads are yet to be asphalted. During rainy season the misery of pedestrians and travellers is untold, said Ramesh Babu.

No police station

Even though the areas have a population of around two lakh in total the absence of a police station seems conspicuous. However, crime rate in this part of the City is reportedly low. But in case of any occurrence people have to travel nearly six km to report at a nearby police station.

Jurisdiction divided

“The jurisdiction of our area is divided between two police stations - Subramanyapura police station and Hulimavu police station. In order to report at either of the police stations one has travel about six km,” said Dr Srinivas Murthy, also a member of the Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association.

A provision should be made for at least one police outpost to check anti-social activities, he urged.


Corruption is widespread in providing Cauvery water connection to individual houses in the layouts. Residents are left at the mercy of contractors who charge exorbitant amount to secure water connections.
Ramesh Babu

BMTC services are inadequate in the areas. Moreover, autorickshaws don’t ply for short distances.
Dr Srinivas Murthy

Many areas in the layout lack sewerage connection. As a result open drains have become a safe haven for mosquitoes leading to outbreak of diseases and causing infections.
Vittal Rao

Sarakki Lake was once beautiful. However, now weeds reign over the lake. Even though the Lake Development Authority had undertaken de-silting work a few years ago, the lake needs maintenance.

(Published 20 October 2010, 19:12 IST)

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