A question of functionality

A question of functionality

A question of functionality

For example, curtain rods, though functional, have to look not only sturdy but also pleasing to the eye. A factor that needs to be kept in mind is how easily you can remove the drapes and put them back after washing and cleaning. Some of the fancy drapes come with handles and levers, which are not so easy to operate. It becomes important to check out the functional aspect too. Ease of maintenance need not be sacrificed for aesthetics.

Safety, energy-efficiency

There are a number of electrical fittings, which a house needs in each and every room, including the bathroom and toilets. The emphasis is on safety and durability as these are expected to last a number of years. Only reliable brands with BIS/ISO certification, should be installed. There are a number of water heaters in the market – from the simplest to the most sophisticated with adjustable or automatic showerheads. Again the prime factors to be considered are safety and energy-efficiency. Fans/air-conditioners should be energy-efficient, low-noise and should have regulators that do not waste energy but control the speed and airflow effortlessly.

Light fittings, lamps

These come in pleasing colours and they should be chosen to be compatible with the wall finish, furniture and colour of drapes. There is a plethora of light fittings, lamps and shades, which one can see in a studio type show room with lights on, for effect. There are remote control devices which one might like to install for ease of operation. A factor in all such fittings is the ease of repair and maintenance, as some of the one-off designer showpieces might not find ready replacement in most shops. That’s the reason why one should opt for standard items that could be easily be found in shops in the neighbourhood or mall.

Bathroom and toilet fittings have their own décor to make them elegant yet functional. There are all sorts of fancy water taps and showerheads in the market that are pricey. However, elegance combined with ease of operation should guide those who plan to install suitable taps and showerheads in the house, be it the washbasin, kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

It would be a good idea to have running cold and hot water by separate taps or a combination tap which adjusts the quantum as well as temperature of the water coming out.  

A point that needs to be kept in mind is that fancy taps are not only expensive but cost quite a bit to get these repaired by trained technician and not by an ordinary plumber. Bathrooms and toilets are known to be places where people fall down especially the elderly, which means suitable hand rails that are strong and sturdy, to hold or stand would be a good idea to install.

Needless to state, the flooring in vulnerable areas like bathroom, toilet and kitchen should be skid-proof and easy to clean and maintain.
Good fittings are designed to provide convenient, safe and reliable operation.

However, aesthetics need not be sacrificed. Even a doorknocker could look pleasing with polished brass with the name of the owner engraved on it.  

A large house with accommodation upstairs could do with an intercom system installed in every room. An additional feature with the intercom could be soft music for certain hours, with a provision wherein those who prefer to have no disturbance could easily turn it off or lower the volume. Remote controls are being used extensively in a home: operating TV, DVD, A/C, light and fan. These should be easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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