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In News : A scene from Huduga Hudugi.

Only this time, he is looking for the perfect huduga and hudugi (boy and girl) through a talent hunt competition he is organising at Town Hall today.  While his film Huduga Hudugi is all set to hit screens later this month, Indrajit says the script for his next venture is ready and he needs someone new to do the roles.

“That’s when we came up with the idea of holding a talent search which will be open for youngsters from all over the State,” he adds. While registrations are already on, he is making sure that they remain open till late on the competition day. “We need to reach out to as many people as possible but we also need to keep the time frame in mind,” he states.
Participants, he says, will be given a minute each to bring out their inherent talents, be it in dance, music or acting.

“We will basically look for screen presence and how comfortable they are presenting themselves. They will be judged by Prasad Bidappa, Ragini and me. Since they will be given just one minute, they have to make sure that they give their very best,” he says.

The winners will get a chance to work in Indrajit’s next film.  “I don’t know what to expect but if the winning duo really impresse me, I may even give them the lead role,” he says. Speaking about Huduga Hudugi, Indrajit says that one can expect a good masala flick with no message.

“It’s a fun film with no message as such but people will surely enjoy watching it,” he says.   While Lekha Washington is the main lead opposite Dhyan, Sada, Anita, Bianca Desai and Sanjana are also part of the project. “This romantic comedy is set against a TV backdrop. The main protagonists work as TV professionals. The film will have a fun take on astrology, reality shows and other entertainment programmes,” he says.

So will his next project too have a romantic twist to it? “I’m not ready to reveal that yet,” he laughs.