'I am a very greedy actor'

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Last Updated 21 October 2010, 13:05 IST
'I am a very greedy actor'

Vivek Oberoi made a grand entry into the big screen with Ram Gopal Varma’s Company but somehow didn’t manage to hold the steam that his debut created.

But currently, he seems to be a happy man with his forthcoming wedding and his upcoming movie which reunited him with RGV after seven years.

The actor spoke about his latest movie Raktha Charitra, his moustache and his bride-to-be Priyanka Alva.

Mention the violence quotient of Raktha Charitra and Vivek informs that it is an essential part of the movie.

“It mirrors what is going on in the smaller areas of our country. Working in the movie was an intense experience,” he adds.

“I carried a sickle with me everywhere I went for about three months so that it wouldn’t look unnatural in the movie,” he says.

Did he find it difficult playing a real person? “Though the movie is inspired by the life of Paritala Ravi, it is not a biography. But I had to get the physical attributes, the moustache and the spiritual aspects right. Ramu put in everything from facts to legends about the character in the film,” he says.

And how was it working with Ram Gopal Varma again? “Post Company, it has been a saath saal ka vanvaas but it was a fabulous experience,” he says.

While Vivek has always been appreciated in roles with darker undertones, he says that he tries to experiment as much as possible.

“I have dabbled in every genre possible. I am a very greedy actor and want to devour as much as possible,” he says.

And this movie will also see Vivek acting in Tamil and Telugu for the first time.

“It was physically draining to first give the shot in Hindi and then do the same thing in Telugu and Tamil. I listened to a lot of film songs to get acquainted with the language,” he says.

He says it will take some time before he speaks Kannada though.

“I can understand the language but can speak only a few words,” he says. He seems to be overjoyed with his impending marriage to Priyanka but refuses to reveal any details.

“It is a private affair and I would like to keep it that way,” he says.

“But Priyanka is a prayer answered. When I came to the City earlier this year, I thought Bangalore girls were very pretty but I didn’t know that I was going to marry one,” he says smiling.

He also talks about his equation with actor Surya, with whom he shares screenspace in the movie.

“He and I are old friends from the time we shot for Yuva. He is a great guy and he gave me some advice on marriage,” he says.

(Published 21 October 2010, 13:05 IST)

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