Traffic police trained to tackle accident emergencies

The programme was inaugurated by  Shankar Bidari, Commissioner of Police; Praveen Soodh, Assistant Commissioner of Police, and PH Rane, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bangalore West Traffic Police. A Traffic Police Screening program was also launched on the occasion.

The objective is to help traffic personnel handle emergency situations especially during the delay in arrival of medical aid.  Dr Suresh Varadarajulu, Specialist in Emergency Medicine – Columbia Asia Hospitals, will be handling the training session. 

Speaking on the occasion, Shankar Bidari said “For next six months, we plan to station ambulance at every police station in the City to handle the trauma cases more efficiently without delay in medical aid. In association with Columbia Asia Hospitals, we aim to keep our traffic personnel updated with the basic life support techniques to tackle crises on field.

The screening camp scheduled every Sunday for a period of one month offers Height, weight, Blood pressure, Body Mass Index, Electrocardiogram and Emergency Physician consultation.

The camp also imparts Basic Life Support (BLS) training program for the traffic personnel to handle accident related emergency care more effectively. 

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