Tug-of-war between Nellyadi, Kadaba for taluk tag unending

M B Prakash Committee is silent over the demands of both parties

 The map of proposed Nellyadi taluk comprising parts of two taluksThe decades-long dream of two struggle committees of getting separate taluk tags for their region - Nellyadi and Kadaba - has still remained unrealised, thanks to the tug-of-war between the two. Though the demands of both the parties look fair and justified, their fight has not yielded results yet, possibly due to the divided movement.

The demand for the formation of a separate taluk having Kadaba as its centre has been there for the past 48 years, while one more struggle of getting a separate taluk having Nellyadi as its centre is there for over a decade.

The typical factor in both the cases is that they are not particular on the name of the taluk to be formed, but they are adamant that the taluk centre should be the one proposed by them. “Whatever name you give to the taluk, but we want Nellyadi to be the centre,” says Nellyadi Taluk Rachana Samiti. On the contrary, Kadaba Taluk Rachana Horata Samiti is particular that Kadaba should be the taluk centre.

However, both have a common woe that the existing Puttur taluk is too large, forcing rural people to travel from 30 km to 60 km to reach their taluk centre. For example, Bilinele, which is on the way to Subrahmanya, or Shiradi that is on the way to Sakleshpur, come under Puttur taluk, but the people of these villages find it very difficult to reach the taluk centre.

If, for instance, either Kadaba or Nellyadi becomes the centre of the proposed taluk, the people of both Bilinele and Shiradi and the surrounding villages will greatly benefit.

Nellyadi’s proposal

The proposed Nellyadi taluk comprises a total of 36 villages, i.e., 10 villages of the existing Belthangady taluk, and 26 villages of the existing Puttur taluk. They are: Shishila, Shibaje, Hathyadka, Rekhya, Kalenja, Nidle, Puduvettu, Patrame, Kokkada and Mogru of the present Belthangady taluk; Koila, Ramakunja, Halenerenki, Alankar, Perabe, Kunthoor, Ballya, Kutrupadi, Kadaba, Kodimbala, Nekkiladi, Bantra, Renjiladi, Noojibalthila, Aithur, Konaje, Bilinele, Siribagilu, Bajattur, Golitottu, Konalu, Alanthaya, Nellyadi, Kaukradi, Ichlampadi and Shiradi of the present Puttur taluk.

Kadaba’s proposal

As per the Kadaba’s proposal, the new taluk should include 43 villages, i.e., five from Belthangady, 10 from Sullia and 28 from Puttur taluk. They are Kokkada, Shishila, Hathyadka, Shibaje and Rekhya of the present Belthangady taluk; Edamangala, Enmuru, Aivattoklu, Manjattady, Kutkunja, Kenya, Balpa, Enekallu, Ainekidu and Subrahmanya of Sullia taluk; Bajattur, Golitottu, Konalu, Kaukradi, Nellyadi, Alanthaya, Ramakunja, Koila, Alankar, Halenerenki, Perabe, Kunthoor, Ballya, Ichlampadi, Dolpadi, Noojibalthila, Renjiladi, Kutrupadi, Kadaba, Kodimbala, Nekkiladi, Bantra, Bilinele, Aithur, Siribagilu, Konaje and Shiradi of Puttur taluk.


Speaking to Deccan Herald, Kadaba Taluk Rachana Horata Samiti President C C Philip and Convener Krishna Shetty said the proposal for Kadaba taluk is there since 1961, and both the T M Hundekar Committee and the Gaddigowdar Committee had recommended the formation of Kadaba taluk. “However, it is disappointing that the recent M B Prakash Committee has not considered our proposal. The panel should re-look into its report,” they said.

In the meantime, Nellyadi Taluk Rachana Horata Samiti Honourary President Abraham Verghese said the demand for Kadaba taluk is outdated. “Nellyadi that lies besides NH 48 is a fast developing town, having all qualities of becoming a taluk centre. Kadaba comes in a corner, once again causing the same plight, existing in case of Puttur taluk,” he said. “If at all Nellyadi cannot be given the taluk status, the government should at least appoint a special tahsildar for us,” Verghese added.

Interestingly, the government had appointed a special tahsildar for Kadaba in 2005, but the people did not benefit much due to frequent transfers of the tahsildars. The place has seen eight tahsildars in four years, and since December 22, 2008, the Puttur tahsildar himself has been given the additional charge, who visits Kadaba only on Mondays.

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