Badal urges Manmohan to ensure Obama visits Amritsar

Badal urges Manmohan to ensure Obama visits Amritsar

President Obama is expected to visit India from November 7 to 10 and Amritsar originally featured on his itinerary. The President’s visit to the Golden Temple has reportedly been put on hold following controversy surrounding what headgear he would wear to cover his head while paying obeisance at the sanctum sanctorum of the holy Sikh shrine.

The Sikh religious body —SGPC — has also suggested various options to the President to cover his head, required as per Sikh tenets, including wearing a cap or a scarf.

Badal said there appeared to be some communication gap between the Indian and the US security agencies on the security issues surrounding the President’s visit.

“The US administration may be reminded that international dignitaries, including the Queen of England, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have paid their obeisance at the Golden Temple without any security hassles,” said the chief minister, adding that Sikhs across the world would be disappointed if President Obama did not visit the Golden Temple.

On the issue involving the observance of religious decorum (Maryada), the chief minister  said United States President Obama would be well aware of the sensitivities involved.