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Jonathan Franzen
Fourth Estate, 2010, pp 562,Rs. 1045

This novel comically and tragically captures the temptations and burdens of too much liberty; the thrills of teenage lust; the shaken compromises of middle age; the wages of suburban sprawl; the heavy weight of empire.  It is a indelible and deeply moving portrait of our time.

Small Wonder The making of Nano
Philip Chacko,Christabelle Noronha and
Sujata Agrawal
Westland, 2010, pp 149, Rs. 295

This is the story of the Nano the  1 lakh wonder and how it came to be. The making of the Nano has been a struggle and a vindication, a long, arduous and expensive endeavour to cope with a wide range of problems.  

Two Virgins
Kamala Markandaya
Penguin, 2010, pp 193,Rs. 250

This is a sensitive coming of age story that portrays a child’s loss of innocence due to events beyond her control. The story revolves around Saroja and her beautiful elder sister Lalitha in a village. Lalitha features in a documentary film on a village and becomes the talk of the town.

The extra one percent
Rob Yeung
Panmacmillan, 2010, pp 270,Rs. 495

This book brings up an insight into the minds of successful people in diverse fields like business, sports and entertainment. The author defines the crucial differences between distinguished exceptional people and everyone else — the extra one percent.

Paradoxes of empowerment
Aradhana Sharma
Zubaan 2010, pp 260,Rs. 595

This is an account of the awkward ideological articulations and paradoxical outcomes of the unique activist-cum- government organisation Mahila Samakhya. It fosters a deeper understanding of development and politics in contemporary  India.  

History of hate
Kanishka Gupta
Rupa, 2010, pp 198,Rs. 195

This is the story of Sonny, a middle-aged wife of a chemist and Ash, an aspiring writer in his 20s with suicidal inclinations. They share a unhealthy interest in their neighbours’ lives, thus raising Indian nosiness to its epitome. They commit acts of cruelty that adversely affect the lives of anyone who appears to be happier than them.

Granta The magazine of new writing
Edited by John Freeman
Penguin, 2010, pp 288,Rs. 599

It is a rare collection of articles and writings from world acclaimed authors and writers from Pakistan. This particular edition is based on different articles on Pakistan. It is the first collection of its kind. Previously Granta had featured Indian authors as well.

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