Smart cards wipes out fake voters

There has been a 40 per cent decrease in the Association memberships

The concept of smart cards as directed by the High Court has reduced the AAB’s numbers to 9,463 from the earlier 14,400, a fall of almost 40 per cent. But despite this huge decrease in members, ABB still continues to remain as the biggest association in the country. Smart card which demanded the original Enrolment Certificate (EC) and other identity proof has ensured that dual membership and fake memberships, which led to the cancellation of polls in March would not be repeated.

Drastic decrease

Accordingly, the number of advocates in all the city courts have shrunk compared to those projected earlier.

The strong 5,700 members at City Civil Court are now reduced to 5,414 after the smart cards are issued. At the High Court, the number of members are reduced to 1,770 almost half of the earlier 2,992. At the Magistrate Court and Mayo Hall court, the number is 1,569 and 710 against the earlier 2,200 and 930 members. One of the candidates on condition of anonymity said that fake memberships, which have been made using copies of  EC have become a thing of past now, as the smart card process seeks original EC.

He said that though the number of advocates are almost 15,000, few are yet to become the members of AAB and few are not practicing. 

Counsel Puttegowda, a contender for President’s post said that the smart card will resolve most of the problems right from identification. “The card contains a photograph, finger prints, enrolment number, address, blood group and few emergency phone numbers and can be used in future for several purposes,” he said.

It could be recalled here that following the cancellation of AAB election on March 22, following allegations like proxy votings the matter was heard at the High Court, based on a petition by Counsel K N Subba Reddy.

Justice N Kumar on May 12 had directed to issue smart cards along with several guidelines. Accordingly the process of issuing smart cards began in the last week of May and was completed on June 26.

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