'Introspect, initiate change in media scenario'

'Introspect, initiate change in media scenario'

In his valedictory address at the two-day UGC sponsored national seminar on “Media power in politics: A global perspective” organised by Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of SDM College, Ujire, Prof Shivaram expressed displeasure over media changing the nation’s culture and for capturing the fullest attention of child audience. “Today media has replaced the position of parents and is gobbling the maximum time of students. Therefore, steps must be taken to check the changing trend,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, he criticised news media for over dependency on foreign news agencies to gather information about the events that take place in our own nation. A change must occur in this regard as too much dependency over international news agencies will end up in national media losing its creative power, he said and added that mass media must act responsibly without any bias.

“It is the responsibility of media to examine, research and then communicate the message rather than blindly delivering the news,” he suggested.

Karantaka University Department of MCJ Chairman Prof A S Balasubramanya observed the gradual negative development of media losing its power. Media is slowly losing its power which must be restored by moral deeds, he said. Favouring the media, he claimed that a perfect society can’t be imagined without the press.

A panel discussion was held between academicians, journalists and readers where panelists argued on the media power in politics. Mysore University Department of MCJ Chairman Dr Niranjan Vanalli mediated the debate.