Model UN conference at Christ College

Model UN conference at Christ College

Chief Minister’s Secretary Lakshminarayana greeting a student at Christ Junior College Model United Nations conference in Bangalore on Friday. Principal Jose C C and Political Science lecturer Kanishka are also seen. dh Photo

The participants debated from environmental issues to Sino-Tibet issue including prevention of environmental disaster, war against terror and bridging technological divide.

Donning the role of delegates representing 150 countries - who are members of the United Nations - they analysed various policies that will have implications on countries across the globe.   

The conference has been designed to test the art of public speaking, group communication, research, conflict resolution as well as analytical abilities of participants. A member of the organising committee said that the session would educate youth on global challenges, which they have to resolve.

“A model United Nations conference helps students to see the world from an entirely different perspective and gives them a voice to speak in future,” said Kanishk K, one of the organisers of the event.  

The academic simulation of the Model United Nations conference also featured debates, paper presentations as well as providing solutions to key global issues. In addition to session on emergency special committee addressing the prevention of an environmental disaster, the conference also comprised sessions on the proceedings of  other UN  bodies like UN Security Council as well as United Nations Socio Economic Council.