Centre alleges corporates, Naxals link

Centre alleges corporates, Naxals link

Govt to launch inquiry into nexus

As proof of a possible corporate-Naxal kinship, government officials cite the example of a seminar held recently in New Delhi, attended by senior executives from corporate houses like Tata Sons and Microsoft, where a paper from the jailed Maoist ideologue Kobad Ghandy was presented.

“The urban-intellectual links are fairly public but the overt empathy and interest of some of the business houses with the ideology has increasingly come to notice,” said sources in the intelligence establishment here.

Asked to be more specific, the sources said: “The extent and dimensions of corporate linkages with ultra-left outfits were being scrutinised.” The suggestion was clearly not about small contractors giving extortion or ransom to the Left rebels to run their  business in “the liberated zones”.

“There are reports of corporates engaging Maoists in their own way; their representatives are mingling with those people who sympathise with the extremists’ cause. Many of these sympathisers have deeper connections with ultras,” government officials said.

“These interactions are heading towards a direction unacceptable to the government, because it will ultimately legitimise Maoist violence,” they said. In the New Delhi seminar, Ghandy’s hand-written paper discussed inclusive growth, and attacked the government’s economic and development policies as anti-poor. According to intelligence agencies, such events are “not isolated”.