Cambridge has no plans to open campus in India

Cambridge has no plans to open campus in India

The Foreign Educational Institution (Regulation of Entry and Operation) Bill, 2010, is expected to raise the quality and quantity of higher education to meet India's growing demands for skilled manpower.The Left parties are among those opposed to allowing foreign universities in India's education sector.

However, knowledge powerhouses such as Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College, London, have no plans to set up campuses in India, though they are keen to enhance and enrich their research and institutional links with Indian universities and research institutions.

A University of Cambridge spokesman told PTI: "We have no immediate plans to open a campus in India but with the number of vital, valuable academic collaborations now in place between Cambridge and Indian counterparts, the relationship between us has never been stronger, which is why we are exploring new ways we can work together".

British universities have a large number of agents in India and have long standing research and teaching links with Indian institutions.

However, the initial reaction to India's opening of higher education to overseas competition has been cautious from old and established universities.

The spokesman, who has visited India several times with the vice-chancellor, said: "The pattern of India's development, its demography, its industrial structure, its projections for economic growth and its agenda for community development place a spotlight on the pivotal position of Higher Education".

He added: "While there are no immediate plans to open up a Cambridge University campus in India, we note the alignment between Cambridge multi disciplinary strengths and Indian academia and we are exploring appropriate ways to scale up our collaborations and partnership, for that will be the basis of anything we do".
Britain's university sector has come under considerable strain with the David Cameron government announcing major funding cuts last week.