A story of grit and determination

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Last Updated 28 October 2010, 14:01 IST

When 19-year-old Rekha entered the gates of the college to appear for the examinations, they could not see her hands at all!

Their reaction was justified as Rekha, a student of Bachelor of Arts first year, indeed did not have hands. She had lost both her hands in an accident a few years ago. What remained was only a little over half portion of the left arm.

The staff on invigilation duty in the examination room was in for more surprise when they handed over the paper to Rekha wondering as to how the girl would write the answers.

“How will you write the paper? You don’t have hands,” the invigilators. They got a prompt reply: “I do have determination.” Then Rekha brought out her pen, put it between her teeth and giving it the right direction with the remaining half portion of her left arm, began to write the answers of her home science paper.

The surprise continued for the staff. Just when they were wondering if Rekha required more time to write the answers, the gritty girl handed them over her answer script ten minutes before the scheduled time and quietly left the examination hall.

A resident of Rajhaua village at Jyotiba Phule Nagar, Rekha had to face a lot of difficulties after losing both her hands.

“I wanted to study but people said that I will never be able to write. I wanted to prove them wrong,” Rekha said adding that she had to practise a lot to learn to write with her teeth.

And she did prove everyone wrong with her sheer determination and grit. After completing her intermediate from her village school, she took admission to a BA course at a degree college in nearby Kaurala.

It remains to be seen if Rekha was able to answer the required number of questions as it could be known only after the publication of the results.

Note: As requested by many of our readers, Phone number of Rekha is 09568110189

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(Published 24 October 2010, 17:13 IST)

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