Tight security planned for refurbished Chabad House

Tight security planned for refurbished Chabad House

"There will be high level security. We have roped in top private security companies providing security at airports and top five star hotels in the city. We will also have local policemen guarding the building," Eliran Russo, Coordinator of the Chabad House in Mumbai, told PTI.

"CCTV cameras and metal detectors will be installed. Also, identity of all those coming to the Chabad House will be checked thoroughly," Russo said.

Chabad House, also known as Nariman House, one of the terror onslaught sites of November 26 terror attack, still has signs of the bullet marks, hand grenades and rocket launchers that were exchanged in cross-firing during the 45 hour terror siege.

Two Pakistani terrorists - Babar Imran and Nasir, slaughtered four Jews including Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his five-month pregnant wife Rivka. Rabbi's son Moshe, who was then two-year-old, survived the attack after being rescued by his nanny Sandra Samuel. The two terrorists were later killed in cross-fire.

"We will continue to offer our services in Mumbai. We have not left after the attack. Our goal is to rebuild what is destroyed. We need to give people a strong security. We will rebuild it in a way that everyone feels secure," Russo said.

The five-storey Chabad House is run by a New York-based Orthodox Jewish organisation called Chabad Lubavitch. The Jewish Centre resumed its activities soon after the attack, keeping its location undisclosed owing to security concerns.

"The new Rabbi and his wife, who would be appointed soon, will not stay at the Chabad House due to security and space constraints. The couple would stay nearby only and offer services to community people," Russo said.

The restoration work at the Chabad House, which started on October 11, will be completed in two-and-half to three months.