Peeved Mamata switches over to Gandhigiri

Peeved Mamata switches over to Gandhigiri

TMC chief plans to send 1,000 children to Maoist-hit areas

Mamata Banerjee

The aim is to make the soldier of the CRPF and other paramilitary forces realise that the Trinamool Congress is not opposed to them as they are only carrying out the orders of their higher authorities.

“We just want to draw their attention to the brutal torture being perpetrated on women, elderly people and kids in the troubled region by the hired goons of the CPM who are also masquerading  by wearing police uniforms,” a close aide of Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee told Deccan Herald here on Monday.

To start with, children selected from various villages in the region and equipped with leaflets in Hindi will visit the forces’ camps at a given time and try to interact with the soldiers to impress on the need for “freedom” from the “suffocating atmosphere” currently prevailing in the districts, he said.

“These jawans are being used as covers by the CPM goons to carry out loot, murder and rape. In the process, the jawans have been earning themselves a bad name for no fault of theirs. They should also realise that they have children, womenfolk at home whom they love and respect,” he quoted Mamata Banerjee as saying.

The idea to switch over to Gandhigiri, involving children in the region, occurred to Banerjee who decided to print leaflets in Hindi to reach out to the jawans to give them “a slice of the real picture of deprivation and exploitation” which the tribals have been experiencing in the three-decade rule of Marxists in Bengal.

Earlier, during a recent visit here, CRPF Director-General G Vijay Kumar ruled out withdrawal of the combine forces from the areas hit by Maoist violence. He declined to comment on Mamata Banerjee’s demand that the Central forces be immediately withdrawn from the areas as they were directly helping the armed CPM cadres.