Court slaps hefty fine on two BBMP engineers

Court slaps hefty fine on two BBMP engineers

Padilitek Industries Limited had filed a contempt petition alleging  that Executive Engineer Nagaraj and Assistant Executive Engineer Kempegowda had failed to follow a single judge order passed on February 26, 2010.

The petitioner had challenged the BBMP decision prohibiting it to conduct business on Edward Road on the ground that it was a residential area where commercial activity was not allowed.

 Justice Abdul Nazeer, in his order had directed the Palike to open the lock and permit the petitioner  to conduct the business. However, the two engineers did not allow to open the place for business and hence Padilitek Industries filed a contempt petition.

On being questioned, the two engineers replied that the order had been sent to the legal cell of the BBMP for verification and opinion. Taking strong exception, the court sought to know how it was that the engineers could not understand such a simple order and needed a legal cell for opinion.

The counsel for the petitioner argued that the two engineers had not forwarded the order to the legal cell even after they received it, while the BBMP was busy preparing a letter refusing permission to operate on Edwards Road.

Apart from fine, the Court recommended their removal from all posts related to public service for their entire career and directed the BBMP to make necessary entries to the effect in their service register.