IFFI 2010: Filmmaker Mike Pandey supports SFC section

IFFI 2010: Filmmaker Mike Pandey supports SFC section

"I would like to convey and lend my support to this unique platform. The short and documentary filmmakers had no platform...no space anywhere in India," the Green Oscar winner said in his letter to the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), a Goa government initiative formed to host IFFI in the state.

"At a time when your efforts in developing and promoting SFC are being talked about by several governments, it is pity that some misplaced views are being expressed in Goa," Pandey, who headed SFC's environmental films jury for IFFI 2009, said.

The SFC is a buyer-seller initiative with more than 300 filmmakers participating in it with their product. The highly expensive section was criticised by Goan filmmakers forcing organisers to cut the budget on it to almost half.

Pandey, however said that short films and documentary was a genre which can be a powerful instrument of change.

"There is a major revival across the world and short films and documentaries are being archived, treated as visual documentation part of nation's history and national treasure," he said adding that ESG's vision and efforts have given the non-fiction and short films a foundation.

Pandey said at a time when the country is looking upto Goa as a leader.. as an emerging film destination, ESG would not disappoint these thousands of poor and young filmmakers who today adore and look forward to SFC as their only support.The 41st edition of IFFI will begin in Goa on November 22.