A look at the past

A look at the past

Vintage Taste

A look at the past

Stylish: Gauri and Nainika along with the models.

The duo’s latest fall collection was all about being soft, romantic and poetic, and drew a huge inspiration from the Parisian vintage era.

“We have gone back in time when the fashion sense was very demure and not exaggerated. The whole look is vibrant with softly-created dresses and soft and flowing hemlines,” said Nainika. Breaking the collection into two, the first half of the show began with light and breezy resort wear where one couldn’t miss out on the grey goose flying across the white fabrics, which the designers said was their dedication to the liquor brand they were promoting that night. What really stood out in this line was the splash of red that was used artistically in the entire sequence, which simply brightened up the casual dresses.

The next sequence was an out-and-out vintage cocktail dresses. With a generous use of bottle green, classic black, red and maroon, the dresses were very chic and classy. The interesting necklines and sleeves stood out. Crisscross back, off-shouldered, boat-necks and even a one-sleeved dress made its way down the ramp.

“The line showed an ample amount of scope for one to experiment with,” commented Sanjana, a guest. The grosgrain belts that broke the long drapes of the dresses gave a nice touch to the collection and also highlighted the waistlines. The velvet gowns were the showstoppers for the evening. While many designers generally stay away from velvet, Gauri and Nainika went all out and experimented with the strong bold cuts and beautiful fluid line, keeping the authenticity of the fabric intact.

Embroidery and embellishments was something that the duo kept to the minimum but that they say is their trademark.

“We have not used much embroidery or embellishment for this collection because it is a very casual, free-spirited, relaxed and comfortable line. It describes our mood that is very modern yet very classical and feminine,” signs off Nainika.