Uncertainity over IPL a difficult situation: Pietersen

Uncertainity over IPL a difficult situation: Pietersen

The BCCI had terminated the agreements of two IPL franchise -- Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab -- for alleged irregulariries in the ownership pattern. Kochi is next in line and the new IPL franchise have sought more time from the Indian board to set their house in order and avoid expulsion.

Pietersen admitted their is a lot of uncertainity surrounding the IPL. "It is a case of wait and see where it goes. Obvioulsy a couple of teams have been thrown out. In the immediate future we don't know what will happen, where it's gonna go, whether the IPL is gonna happen. A lot of people are uncertain where the IPL is going," Pietersen told 'Times Now'.

"I am just a foreign player who comes to India if given an opportunity to play. We all love to play in the IPL, so hopefully the IPL stays. It is a difficult situation. I don't know exactly why they were kicked out.

"I know there is a High Court battle commencing tomorrow. I have heard but haven't seen the incident, so it is difficult for me to comment. It is time to wait and see," he said. Pietersen said he has always loved India and always looks for opportunities to be in the country.

"I have been here for a couple of days in Mumbai. I love comming to India, it is an amazing country, the hospitality is phenomenal, they really look after us. So any opportunity to come here, I just love it," he said.