'Coconut oil far healthier than other vegetable oils'

'Coconut oil far healthier than other vegetable oils'

A view of the exhibitions at the Agri fair 2010 at CPCRI Kasaragod as a part of the international coconut conference on Tuesday. DH Photo

Addressing the international conference on ‘Coconut Biodiversity for Prosperity’ here, he said that coconut oil in diet lowers serum cholesterol gradually to bring one back to healthy level. “Coconut oil contains the healthy form of saturated fat, which does not form dangerous trans fatty acids like olive oil does. It is far healthier than the other vegetable oils,” he said adding that it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

“Tender and mature coconut water feeding showed beneficial reduction in cholesterol parameters in cholesterol fed rats. Coconut oil lowers cholesterol in hypercholesteraemics and it does not alter normal cholesterol levels,” Hegde said asserting that coconut is the best food for Human beings, which not only gives calories but also health.

Coconut and health

A separate workshop on ‘Coconut and health’ was organised as part of the conference. Executive Director of Asia Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), Indonesia Dr Romulo Arancon chaired the workshop. Another Workshop on ‘Organic farming in coconut’ was chaired by former Executive Director of APCC Dr P Rethinum. Scientists from various reputed institutions participated in the panel discussions.

Farmers from various parts of the district thronged CPCRI campus to watch the ‘Agri Fair - 2010’.