A tremendous profit

Beautiful : Julia Roberts in Duplicity.

HBO presents Duplicity starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen on October 28 at 9 pm.  It’s easy to see that ex-CIA agent Claire Stenwick and former M16 member Ray Koval have a heated history together when they embark on an elaborate mission of corporate espionage.

Two rival CEOs are battling for the top spot in their industry, and a top-secret new product would determine who will wear the crown. But this isn’t just about business innovation and profit — Claire and Ray have a plan that will help them get the prized formula and walk away with millions.

City of love
Exotic : From the show.Neither wars, revolutions nor any other kind of catastrophe were capable of halting their development.

Paris also had to survive various catastrophes before becoming an international metropolis. Watch We Built This City on Discovery Science to know more about development of Paris as a city. The programme airs on October 28 at 8.30 pm. |

Exploring beautiful locations

Great Ocean Adventures airs on October 28 at 9 pm on Animal Planet. Join renowned marine biologist, explorer and adventurer Monty Hall on an epic, globe-spanning expedition in Great Ocean Adventures.  He dives and swims with the most magnificent sea creatures of the world.

Monty explores the most remote locations and unfolds the beauty of the ocean. This magnificent show provides some spectacular insight about the oceans.

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