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Last Updated 27 October 2010, 13:15 IST

In a country like India, where more than half the population banks on agriculture as a source of family income, a career in Agribusiness Management  is more promising than most professional courses. While the term agriculture simply means ploughing, planting, harvesting, milking or feeding livestock, the agricultural sector employs more than seven lakh individuals. Today, agriculture is increasingly being seen as a lucrative field.

The agricultural sector encompasses everything from chemical and fertiliser industries to machinery and hospitality industry. Agribusiness includes not only those who farm on the land but also those who are employed at various levels that provide inputs. And needless to say, India offers some of the best courses and colleges in this field.

Roles and responsibilities

The growing need for expertise to execute various functions in the agricultural sector has enhanced the importance of Agribusiness Management. It is the application of management principles for agriculture.

A typical Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management will cover topics such as Business & Economic Environment, Organisational Behaviour, Business Communication, Agri Finance Management, Agribusiness & Rural Marketing, Agri Supply Chain & Materials Management, Food Techonology, Management of Agri Input Industries (seeds, fertilisers, pesticides), Management of Horticulture crops, International Trade Practices & Export Management, Management Principles, Practices, etc.

“Agribusiness Management is a growing sector and requires professional manpower who have been trained to cater to the agriculture industry. We need managers to form a bridge between the ‘firm’ and the ‘farm’,” says Arun Mandokhot, Professor of  Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.

Opportunities galore

There are several aspects of agribusiness that can interest students. The sector offers opportunities in finance, operations, research, proper plant location, layout and size, planning, etc.

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Food Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Dairy Technology, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Fisheries or Forestry from a recognised university can pursue postgraduation in Agribusiness Management.

A Master’s degree in Agribusiness Management offers candidates various specialisations in agribusiness. There are two-year PG courses as well as one-year Dilplomas in Agribusiness Management. There are several PhD programmes too.

Courses and colleges

* Master’s in Agribusiness Management
* PG diploma in Agri-
Inputs Management
Institute of Agribusiness Management
D 159, Sector- 63
Noida-201 301
Ph: (0120) - 4221143 
E-mail: info@iabm.in 

* MBA in Agribusiness Management
IIM Lucknow and IIM Ahmebdad

* MBA in Agribusiness Management
College of Agribusiness Management;
G B Pant University of
Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar - 263145
E-mail: bksikka@

* PG in Agribusiness
The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE)
Hyderabad - 500 030.

(Published 27 October 2010, 13:15 IST)

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