Forestry students stir enters 30th day

Forestry students stir enters 30th day

Let the government issue an order in favour, we don’t need fake promises, were some of the slogans threw by the students of Ponnampet Forestry College on their 30th day of agitation. 

The students who shouted slogans during their procession from Gonikoppal main road to bus stand burnt the effigy by criticising government for misappropriation in administration and for giving fake promises.

After a long protest, students were disappointed as not even a single officer or the forest minister has responded to the issue. Owing to the protest, the university has deprived students from food and has even threatened them of closing down the hostel if the protest is not withdrawn.

Speaking during the protest, Student Union Leader Mahanthesh said that despite warning from the university, the students have decided to continue with the protest till the government responds to the students’ plea.

“In fact, we have decided to write a letter with blood and forward it to the ministry at least so that government may attend the matter,” he informed.

He further warned that students will opt for severe agitation in the days to come and if the public property is damaged during the protest government is solely responsible for it.
However, it is learnt that Law Minister Suresh Kumar has informed the students of Sirsi Forestry College of discussuing with the Forest Minister about the issue on November 3.

It has been decided to hold the meeting with Student Union Leaders of Ponnampet and Sirsi Forestry College.