'Single shot vaccine possible in next 30 years'

400 students participate in state-level seminar; technical session held
Last Updated : 27 October 2010, 16:25 IST
Last Updated : 27 October 2010, 16:25 IST

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He was speaking at a State-level Seminar on “Emerging infectious Diseases in Genomic Era” organised by the Department of Studies in Biotechnology and Microbiology at Pooja Bhagavat Memorial Mahajana Post Graduate Centre in the city on Wednesday.

Exuding confidence in modern science to cure any disease, Dr Suresh said that it is possible to produce a single shot vaccine for all infections and diseases within thirty years. In order to make this possible the genomic strands structure should be understood, he added.


He said that as technological advancements take place more challenges are emerging in the field of sciences. However, he said it is impossible for researchers to work alone.
Stressing on the need for inter-disciplinary research, Dr Suresh said that if researchers join hands and work together, then discoveries relevant to the present and useful to the future can be made.


Explaining the threats due to antibiotics, Dr Suresh observed that antibiotics have a life span of four-five years.

After that the diseases becomes stronger and mutant. He said that resistant TB is a big threat and it is very difficult to develop an antibiotic to control the disease.

While expressing happiness at the fast trials that underwent to bring forth a vaccine for H1N1 virus, he remained sceptical about H1N1 remaining in the same form.

Advising students at the seminar, he said that academic degrees don’t matter. It is the ambition and drive of the students that is more important to succeed.

Assistant Professor, Dr Sunitha Grace said that around 400 students from all over the State are participating in the one-day seminar. She said that 30 research papers will be presented on the occasion.

One technical session by Dr Sumangala of Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences will also be held. Furthermore, the seminar is being organised for students to gain interest in medical sciences.

Mahajana Education Society, President, R Vasudevamurthy, Secretary, G S Subramanyam, Administrative Officer, Prof P Sarojamma, Director, Dr C K Renukarya and Head of the Department, Biotechnology and Microbiology, Dr Jyoti Bala Chauhan were present.

Published 27 October 2010, 16:25 IST

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