Chinese unhappy with sex life, blame it on work

Chinese unhappy with sex life, blame it on work

Almost 70 percent of Chinese men have sex between two and five times a month, China Daily reported Thursday. "The frequency for men in Western countries is between two and five times a week," said Zhang Yilan, an official from the Chinese Medical Development Research Council.

The survey, involving 33,000 men, took five months to complete. It was jointly conducted by the council and Beijing Dawn Hospital. The findings were released earlier this week.
The survey set 100 as the maximum for satisfaction from sex, Zhang said.

"Seventy percent of men rated their satisfaction under 60. If we take 60 as a pass score, it means that 70 percent of men failed. I was surprised by that," she was quoted as saying.

The survey also found that only one percent of respondents underwent sexual health checkups once a year. Nearly 70 percent of the men said they would not talk to doctors about problems with their sex lives.

Wang Xiaofeng, a doctor from Peking University People's Hospital, said nationwide one in three men display some symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). "ED will surely decrease the satisfaction from sex for both men and women and it has became a problem among Chinese men."

The media report said that while Chinese men aged between 30 and 50 are the largest group with ED, in the US the problem is common among men who are over 75.

The survey showed that about half of the respondents said their sexual performance was hampered by work pressure and by feeling nervous.

Nearly 70 percent of the respondents said that they didn't sleep well and easily became tired.

Liu Xiuzhi, a doctor at Beijing Dawn Hospital, said: "Men are under heavy pressure and only a few of them are strongly aware of their health condition."