Army officers' promotion exams to go online from this year

Army officers' promotion exams to go online from this year

The decision came at the biannual Army Commanders Conference, which is underway here, with the top brass approving the new system for implementation. About 10,000 young Lieutenants, Captains and Majors take this written exam every year to test their calibre for promotion to the next higher rank.

"The Army Commanders have approved the new examination pattern, which is currently being run on a trial basis. It has been found to be efficient and will help Army save in terms of money, manpower and time," a senior officer in the Army headquarters told PTI here.

The new online "Part B" and "Part D" exams can be taken by the Army officers at a centre nearer to their place of posting throughout the country anytime of the year. Under present method of promotional examination, the officers travel to major cities to take the written test in the conventional format.

"We have taken a cue from the competitive exams that are held online for management and engineering courses to devise this new web-based examination. It is also consistent with the times," the officer said.

With this new system, the Army is expecting to save on the money spent by the young officers to travel from their location of posting in remote areas to the cities. It would also save on the time these officers are absent from forward areas, manpower being critical in units, as at present the Army is short of officers in battalions by nearly 50 per cent.

Also, the savings would come in the form of infrastructure and materials required for holding the conventional exams at centres and on the invigilators to oversee the process.
"Interestingly, the online system would help in getting the results of the exams within time, thereby saving the time and manpower required in the form of invigilators," the officer added.