Tired guests preferred to sleep

Tired guests preferred to sleep


Low-key: The venue wore a deserted look in the morning.

There was hardly any activity at Nandini Alva’s 3.5 acre farmhouse till afternoon on Friday. The family and the guests, who had partied till late on Thursday night, chose to wake up late and take things easy on the wedding day.    

The arrangements for the reception, to be held later at night, were being made near the main entrance. The pool, inside the premises, was decorated with flowers and there were two pandals by the pool, one was being used for dining purposes while in the other rituals were taking place. The only VIP to be spotted all morning was Vivek Oberoi’s brother, who was seen speeding off inside the venue. “Nandini Alva is very particular that the event remains a highly private affair and we would like the media to co-operate,” said Suresh Vorah, chief of security and also a relative of Nandini Alva. Since all the nitty-gritty of the wedding was being handled by immediate family, any possibility of a breach was ruled out.

There were three levels of security and the place was swarming with guards. There were separate entry passes for individual guests to only those events that they had been invited to. Family and close friends of the Alvas were already inside the venue. A constant reverberation of the shehnai tunes and in some places popular Hindi wedding numbers were heard inside the campus’ various parts.

Audio treat

An audio visual of Priyanka and Vivek’s childhood photographs was put
together and shown to the guests in the morning at the Alva residence.
 Two screens played this short presentation that also consisted of people close to both Priyanka and Vivek like their family and best friends.
The introduction to this audio visual was given by Vivek’s father Suresh.