Jogging their memory...

Jogging their memory...

Community reunion

Jolly: Terry Misra welcomes the guests with a song.

It is a reunion of a different kind. There is a sense of pride, fleeting moments of nostalgia and wonderful insights into the Anglo-Indian community at the ongoing Jamboree 2010 event. A close to 15 to 20 families dressed in their best made their way to the Palace Grounds on the first day of the reunion hoping to meet and greet all those who they had only heard of or seen in an occasional photograph in the family album.

Some of them have also come from abroad to attend this special event. Says Mel Manuel  from Australia, “The last time I came to the City was 18 years ago. So much has changed since then, yet many things remain the same. I am really looking forward to the reunion and finding lost friends.”

Agrees Michael Ludgrove, a curator, “I am actually surprised that there are so many Anglo-Indians living in the City. I thought that everyone had left the country and moved abroad. It’s nice to see so many of them staying here peacefully and blending with the locals.”

The spirited English humour and the ever welcoming smiles of the community members are some of the traits that no one can miss.

As the veterans rattled about the members, who had made a mark in the society, it was the youngsters who looked a little surprised. Says Glenda, “The reunion has helped us to get in touch with our roots. I am sure that I will return home with many new friends.”

“I am so glad that I came for this reunion. Before this, I hardly knew that there were so many ‘celebrities’ in our community. There is still so much to learn about the community and I am hoping to do just that in the remaining days,” says Michelle, who has come from Bahrain for the meet. The members staying in Bangalore are also delighted about the meet. “It is such a wonderful feeling of meeting people one had only heard of from family and friends. There is so much to catch up and so many events to look forward to,” says David D’Roza, who is eagerly awaiting the Anglo Indian Idol, Anglo Indian Prince and Princess contests.

The members also feel that the hockey game and the grand ball will help in bonding.  Alison, who is overseeing the hockey game, says, “This would be a great ice-breaker for many of us. Considering how well we all gel on the first day, I don’t think anymore ice needs to be broken later one,” he jokes.

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