Frolicking in the pool

Frolicking in the pool

Butterfly stroke

Frolicking in the pool

Proud Papa : Suresh Oberoi dh photos by dinesh s k

Vivek Oberoi’s haldi ceremony was held at the poolside of the Chancery Pavilion. The sunny Bangalore afternoon had everyone dressed in a casual attire – jeans, T-shirt and glares. The family and friends had assembled in one corner which was decorated in red and gold, with Vivek sitting in the centre in a white robe and pajamas. The relatives and friends of the star took turns to apply haldi on him while the father, Suresh Oberoi mingled with the guests.

Dressed in a white kurta and dhoti, Suresh made sure to speak to everyone in the party and went to each guest’s table. The hectic schedule seemed to have taken a toll on him as he looked tired. Vivek’s mother and sister were also seen interacting with the guests. Dressed in an orange and pink sari, mother Yashodhara was a bundle of happiness. “I am extremely happy because Vivek is happy,” she told Metrolife.

Most of the women guests had mehendi on their hands. The casual lunch buffet had the young crowd in Western attire and the older women in saris. The haldi ceremony took a wild turn as the friends started throwing water at the actor and soon the ceremony turned into a water fight with the actor being thrown in the pool. The sign ‘No Diving’ obviously didn’t make much of a difference to the happy guests of the groom. Vivek’s haldi ceremony also saw some names from Bollywood like director Apoorva Lakhia, Kumar Taurani and music director Sachin Gupta.

Post this, Vivek was escorted to his room to get ready to go to his bride Priyanka’s place in Hebbal. After the haldi ceremony, there was the traditional Sehra Bandi. 

Meanwhile, at Alva residence, Priyanka Alva’s haldi ceremony was a complete blast with the bride and her friends dancing to the latest Bollywood numbers. Priyanka was completely bathed in turmeric with about 30-40 women surrounding her. In filmi style, Priyanka was teased by her friends about her wedding and instead of shying away, she got up and hugged them, putting haldi all over them.

Impeccably ‘groom’ed

Vivek’s sherwani.Suresh Oberoi wore a shimmery silver sherwani while Vivek wore a traditional gold and maroon sherwani as they arrived at Alva’s residence. Maroons, pink and green were the colours of the evening and one could easily make out the close relatives from their heavy jewellery.

The groom’s side had many people coming in directly at the Chancery Pavilion from where they went to the bride’s place.  There was a small photo session in the lobby where Suresh  greeted the guests.