AFC team inspects facilities

AFC team inspects facilities

Delegation visits three football venues in City

The officials started with a visit to the Bangalore Football Stadium after which they moved on to the Sree Kanteerava Stadium and finally the facilities at the Hindustan Aeronautics Sports Club, which will be taking part in the I-League first division this season.

Led by Tokuaki Suzuki, director of competition, AFC, and comprising Maskat Glychmamcdor, development manager of professional football department of the AFC and Steve Hyang, communication manager of club competitions, made a round of the football stadium premises and inspected the pitch, where an artificial turf is being laid.
The team will submit its report on November 2, after completing their tour of India with a visit to Kerala on Saturday.

“As you can see we are in the process of making this stadium conform to international standards. The laying of the new artificial pitch is going well and we are confident of having an international standard pitch,” AR Khaleel, president of the Karnataka State Football Association, said.

“Because of the renovation, we have requested the first four I-League home matches alloted to HASC to be made away matches, so that we can have enough time complete the laying of the pitch and start our home matches hopefully from January,” he added.
Sunanda Dhar, CEO of the I-League confirmed that HASC’s first match against JCT which was scheduled for November 26, has been made into an away match, and will be now played on the same day at JCT’s home stadium.

“Shifting all the home matches, though, would have an impact with all the travelling and rescheduling that will be required. So even though we have confirmed one match, a decision on the other three will be taken once we go back to Delhi and have a meeting with all the officials.”

If the home matches are not made into away matches, then the games are expected to be played at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium till the laying of the artificial pitch at the football stadium is complete.