Karnataka's e-governance efforts yield big results

Karnataka's e-governance efforts yield big results

Speaking at the e-governance track of the Bangalore IT.Biz 2010 conference, Manoli said Bhoomi has set up centres at 1,002 locations to serve 27,000 villages.

Most land disputes pertain to extent of holdings, encroachment and title issues. Karnataka inherited the British-era Ryotwari system of maintaining land records, which lacked clear information about holdings. By digitising land records, the State had overcome this limitation, Manoli said.

Other projects

He also shared information on few other interesting e-governance projects in Karnataka. One million Bangaloreans use BangaloreOne to pay bills and access other services every month. The successful project, which has been replicated in five other cities, is set to expand to four more.   E-procurement has processed 7,000 tenders worth Rs 30,000 crores. The payrolls of 5 lakh State government employees have been computerised.

The e-governance session focused on how different Indian states were trying to take the benefits of information technology to the people. IT officials from Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat took part in the conference.