In dire need of drains, water

In dire need of drains, water

Taluk stuck between moving ahead and remaining static

In dire need of drains, water

Pits on the road from Kakachokkandahalli to Nagamangala. dh photo Jangamakote has a total of 35 villages and seven Gram Panchayats- Jangamakote, Melur, Mallur, Bhaktarahalli, Hospet, Venkatapura and Kumbinahalli.

The development rate, however, is extremely uneven across Shidlaghatta taluk.

The Anganwadi centres in Kumbinahalli and Bhaktarahalli are functioning smoothly. The hospital in Hemarlahalli is in excellent condition. Samudaya Bhavans have been constructed in Jangamakote, Melur and Bhaktarahalli. It is also to the credit of the administration that six Gram Panchayats were selected for Suvarna Grama award.

Yet, problems of all kinds abound in the region but the development process is moving at a snail’s pace.

Facilities needed

Most of the villages in the region have water shortage. The residents are also struggling without proper basic facilities. Although most villages have connecting roads, the conditions of the roads are very bad. The residents opine that repairing and then asphalting the roads will make travel convenient for everyone.

Most houses lack proper toilets. This has forced the people to use public places as toilets. The people are unable to build toilets in their houses due to poverty.

“The Government says there are projects that facilitate construction of toilets in houses. But we have neither the energy nor the patience to visit the Government offices repeatedly. In fact, we cannot even spend so much money to go to these offices so many times,” complained the residents of the villages.

Water tanks

Melur, Kalanayakanahalli and Ganganahalli face problem of water supply. The administration has therefore constructed water tanks in these villages.

Although the tanks have proven useful in some areas, in the other places, the tanks built are of poor quality.

In Hospet, the water tank is in a dilapidated condition. In Hireballa, the tank is already a year old, but the leakage has not been attended to.

Basic amenities

Ghatamaranahalli Cross is a major commercial centre in the taluk. Therefore, water tanks, toilets and bus stands are basic requirements in the place.

The hospital in Jangamakote Cross is yet to be upgraded. The veterinary hospital lacks a building of its own.

Roads are a major problem in the entire region. The roads from Sundralli, Mallenahalli, Kalyapura, Ghatamaranahalli, Edalatippenahalli, Chokkandahalli and Somapura to Nagamangala have no sign of development at all.

Villages like Fakirnahosahalli and Kalyapura lack Anganawadi Centres. Several villages are not given underground drainage facilities and roadside sewers.


Vani Srinivas, who is the Zilla Panchayat member from Jangamakote constituency, is also a member of the social standing committee.

Although she has promised better facilities that would be provided in several stages, the people of the region are waiting to see if her words will convert into action.

What they say...

Priority to increase in ground-water level Importance is being given to increase the level of ground water and improve the roads. Projects have been taken up to build check dams, desilt lakes, build four overhead water tanks, et cetera. The main aim is to solve the problems of the citizens and provide them basic amenities. However, is has not yet been possible for us to get grants for the pre-university college at Melur.

Vani Srinivas, ZP member

“The roads that connect villages have been waiting for asphalting since a long time. The road from Kakachokkandahalli to Nagamangala has several pits. The authorities have been negligent in not just repair of roads, but also providing basic facilities. As a result, most villages lack toilets and underground drains. Development has not reached the expected level.”

Rajanna, a resident of Nagamangala

“Development of any village will not be complete without provision of water, proper underground drains and roads. The water tanks, which are in dilapidated condition, need to be repaired. The drains also require repairs.”

H T Krishnappa, resident of Hospet

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