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An example of this would be the recently-held marriage of movie star Vivek Oberoi in Bangalore, where the media waited outside the venue for an entire day to catch a glimpse of the actor and his wife, Priyanka Alva. However, for his reception in Mumbai, Vivek extended a warm welcome to the entire media of Mumbai. Metrolife talks to the people in the City and asks them whether they give any importance to celebrity news? Do they think there is a double standard when famous people seek publicity but act pricey when cameras roll?

Monalisa Patro

“Personally, I am interested in reading about celebrity weddings and things revolving around the lives of stars. And I think whatever news is leaked out or announced is because they want it to be out and gain publicity. And sometimes, they act like nothing is happening and deny the gossip or rumour about them, which is a way to not just get publicity but also create an image which shows that they like to maintain privacy.”

Dayalan Puniamoorthy
IT professional

“I think a little bit of trivia is alright but there is just an overload of unwanted information these days in the form of tabloids, long gossip shows and even channels churning out gossip all day. Celebrities do crave for attention and pretty much deserve what they get but then again, when the media works overtime, celebrities do turn victims. They give an inch and the media wants to take a whole mile.”

Moses Raj

“It is extremely interesting to look at the lavishness, couture and of course, the uber-cool people thronging the halls and making appearances at these celebrity events. But the moment there is too much of coverage, the entire feature tends to get boring. But at the end of the day, celebrities are in the show business and every single centimetre of space they get in the media first becomes exclusive and later, mundane for us. Ideally, a small picture with a caption should suffice.”


“I am not really interested in reading about celebrities or what is happening in their lives. And as far as they are concerned, I think there is nothing wrong in announcing everything out. It just depends on when they want the publicity. In Vivek’s case, I was aware when he had come here for a go-green event but I didn’t even know that he had gotten married. I think it just depends on whether you want that certain information about you to be public or not.”

Siddharatha Gautham

“I am only interested in the information and trivia about my favourite stars. I would care if Shah Rukh Khan was seen at an event or something happened connected to him. But I don’t feel the same about every celebrity out there. Also, I feel stars have their own standard as far news related to them is concerned. I don’t think huge stars would really have to pull any stunt to get attention from the media. They get it anyway. But the same cannot be said for everyone.”

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