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Filmi Fundas

Big catch: Deepal ShawReady to set new trends

In this film, Deepal Shaw will once again be seen in a performance-oriented role like her roles in films like Kalyug and A Wednesday, for which she got critical acclaim. She is very excited about being offered a key role in the film, which will be made by Tigmanshu Dhulia.

She says, “I am very happy to work with Tigmanshu sir as I have always wanted to work with him. It’s a great role and this film will definitely add to my progress chart.” Talking about her character, Deepal says, “I’m playing a very vibrant, confident and colourful girl, quite in love with a gangster (played by Randeep Hooda). I can’t divulge more information because we still have a month to go and we will be attending workshops to polish our acts. There is a lot of scope to perform.”

But isn’t it a risk casting a fresher in a key role which, sources reveal, is on the lines of Waheeda Rehman’s character in Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam? The director answers, “I have seen Deepal in her earlier films. I think she is effortless and extremely fluent in Hindi. She is a very dedicated girl. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been given her due yet. Since I’m also producing the film, I have no pressure from anyone about casting tried and tested actors. I’m my own boss now.” Well then, here is wishing Deepal all the success and a very pleasant career ahead.

‘I’m very fortunate’

Actor Irrfan Khan, who mesmerised the international audiences and critics with his splendid performances in films like A Mighty Heart and Slumdog Millionaire, says he is lucky to have bagged good roles in foreign films. Irrfan wants to work with director Danny Boyle again. “I consider myself very fortunate. The kind of films I was offered in the West, I won’t get them anywhere else,” said Irrfan.

The actor is also full of praises for the Western critics. He says, “In the West, they have the capability to discriminate between a role and how an actor adds to that role.” He adds, “I did a very insignificant role in Darjeeling Limited. I had two shots but when the film came out, the critics wrote two paragraphs about that scene.”

Maharaja Features

A hard-hitting movie

The promotions of Allah Ke Banday are all set to start and those who have had a dekko at the film tout it to be a hard-hitting drama, that would make many stand up and notice the effort. What also makes the film special is the fact that while Naseeruddin Shah seems like an obvious choice for a seemingly dark film like this, Sharman Joshi is a rather unusual choice. Known for his comic and light-hearted acts, Sharman would be enacting a dark character in this directorial debut of Faruk Kabir (who also acts in the film).

“I have always liked Sharman as an actor and for my film, I wanted a young actor who could depict the kind of vulnerability which the character carries with himself,” says Faruk, who is said to have extracted a fantabulous performance out of Sharman. “While the world acknowledges him for his comic timing, I look at him as a fine actor in totality.”

When questioned if this was a conscious decision, Faruk nods in agreement. “Yes. On my part, it was a conscious decision to break Sharman’s image with this film. Sharman worked on getting into the skin of the character. Once I saw him understand the graph of the character, I was convinced that he could surprise the audience. Sharman has been an unconventional choice but this is what was so exciting about him being roped in.”

Also starring Atul Kulkarni, Anjana Sukhani and Rukhsar, this Ravi Walia production spans the life of two 12-year-old boys living in one of the most ruthless slums of India. From delivering drugs for the mafia to looting people, the two aspire to assert their positions in the world of crime. This journey is depicted in Allah Ke Banday, which is all set to release on November 12.

Superstar: Rajnikant A truly humble star

Despite his superstar status, most people know that Rajnikant is very down-to-earth. The star has a well-known policy of returning his fees for box office failures. “I believe when someone shows so much trust in me by offering me a sum that I asked for, it should be my moral duty to fulfil their expectations,” he says. “I am an actor  and if any of my movies fail to be a hit at the box office, then I would blame my work in it,” he adds.
Neither is Rajni quick to take all the credit when his films do phenomenally well at the box office. When asked about his conscious efforts to stay away from Bollywood, Rajni simply states that he doesn’t fit the list of Bollywood heroes. How about a film like Andha Kanoon which was a huge hit at the box office?

“The credit of Andha Kanoon’s success goes to Amitabhji and Hema Malini,” Rajni says and adds, “I don’t wish to work as a side hero in Bollywood.” But the star also states that it was while working in Bollywood that he found a true friend in Amitabh Bachchan.

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