Blending melodies in perfect harmony

Maestros meet

Delightful: Concert in progress.

Featuring Nishat Khan on sitar, Trilok Gurtu on percussion, Larry Coryel on guitar, Lili Haydn on violin, Frank Martin on keyboards and Itai Disraeli on bass guitar; the concert was something everyone was looking forward to. “This is the first time these maestros will be seen on stage together and I can only imagine how wonderful it will be,” said Sunita, before the concert began.

Nishat Khan was rather pleased to see an almost full-house at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.
“I have come back to the City after many years. Bangalore has always been a wonderful place and I have always loved playing here,” he added.

The evening began with many a melodious number and Lili Haydon warmed up the crowd with the tunes of her violin and her fiery uplifting voice.

“No wonder they call her the Jimi Hendrix of the violin,” explained a guest. The instruments beautifully blended together and the perfect unison of music from the East and the West was well received.

“Percussion is all about unison and only those who have experience can perform,” said Ravi, another guest after the first two compositions were played.

With so many maestros on stage, there was never a moment where one overshadowed the other.

In fact, each composition gave the musicians, his or her moment to be in the spotlight and bring out his or her unique style.

An interesting piece that the group played was called Cool Drift.

This particular composition was about being in front of the sea with one’s beloved, explained Nishat. And rightly so, the music made one feel the waves of the sea.

Since the series began from the City, many in the audience were happy that they were first among the metros to listen to the concert.

The concert will also be held in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and conclude in New Delhi.

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