Sordid day for budding athletes

Sixty swimmers and divers were expected to collect their sports kits on the day from Shikshakara Bhavana, but all they did on a sulky Monday was to wait fruitlessly for their gears from 10.30 am to late afternoon, driving many athletes and their parents to the boiling point.

That DPI First Division Assistant Sainath landed only at 1.00 pm further infuriated the gathering. One of the aggrieved parents told Deccan Herald that they were initially asked to collect the kits on Sunday, but the officials postponed the distribution of kits for a day due to the non-availability of gears. Sainath said: “We apologise for not being able to deliver the kits yesterday (on Sunday).

But with the previous three days being holidays we had our limitations,” he said. The DPI officials finally decided to handover the kits once the swimmers land in Solapur. However, the decision did not go down well with the parents, especially those who came from the distant areas of the State like Hubli and Belgaum.

One of the parents directed his ire against the DPI officials. “Solapur is just 10 hours from Hubli but we were asked to travel here and then go to Solapur, It’s height of incompetence.”

However, their protests were not enough to move the DPI official. “Why are you guys expressing your discontent to me. It is not my fault. In fact, I do not even have a written order or to issue you the kits, I am doing this using my influence,” Sainath said. But another DPI official said that there was a written order, instructing the issual of sports kits to the athletes. They were even asked to pay demand draft worth Rs 500 if athletes wish to travel on their own.

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