Selective solace

Selective solace

Chidambaram as Home Minister made his first visit to Orissa-Kandhamal last week.

Chidambaram was all ears, assurances and solace .It is praise worthy for the Home Minister to be patient and listen to the grievances. What is shocking is that Chidambaram and the Congress are selective when they extend their solace and assurances.

‘Build your churches, and practice your dharma”, he exhorted those who are still in the refugee camps . He further assured them when some of the refugees complained of the RSS and the Balrang Dal, ‘the guilty will be prosecuted and punished. All those who have indulged in this ghastly crime will be prosecuted and punished”. What has the Congress to say when it comes to 300,000 Kashmiri Pundits who are displaced and have become refugees in their own country? Will Chidambaram extend the same assurance and solace and see that they are allowed to return and build their temples and practice their dharma?

So is this solace and assurance reserved only for minority victims. Every single Indian life is unique and precious-but as per the perception of the Congress-the worth of an Indian life is qualified by the religion. Chidambaram must first practise his dharma. He cannot be anti-constitutional when he uses his authority and as a minister discriminates .Even in Kandhamal he did not have the human courtesy to express regret at the cause which triggered off the riots; the brutal massacre of 85 year old Swami Laxmananda Saraswati who had feared danger to his life and sought police protection.

Chidambaram’s blatant discrimination is not only anti constitutional but also against all norms of Dharma - his Karma baggage is getting heavier. It is against all humanism and morality to discriminate when it comes to lives and suffering. Chidambaram has no moral legitimacy to talk of dharma when he has none. Every religion holds the moral code that one has to repent and perform reparation for the sins committed. The blood soaked hands of the Congress cannot be washed and cleansed easily unless it goes through this repentance and reparation. Chidambaram and his leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi should know this.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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