Dearth of good teachers lamented

There can be no innovation without a balanced human resource and technology, he said.
Speaking at a conference on emerging trends and technologies in aerospace, aeronautics and propulsion systems, he pointed out that there is a dearth of good teachers in engineering colleges and the nation does not have appropriate curriculum too.

“We have people who’ve never seen an aircraft in their lives teaching aerospace engineering in many of our colleges and they cannot deny that fact, so one can imagine the kind of education our future is receiving,” he averred.

Further, he said every time there is a debate about aerospace technologies and aviation, the civil aviation industry must be considered. “Developments for the defence and space is fine but in the coming years civil aviation will guide the developments with increasing demand,” he said.

Former HAL Chairman C G Krishna Nair said India needs to concentrate more on enabling technologies that will fuel further developments in the field.

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